Website Launch

The South Moor Heritage Trail website will be launching on November 9th 2017.

Look out for our press releases as we launch the website at North Durham Academy, Stanley. Students from the Academy have been researching the story of South Moor and Quaking Houses and the involvement of miners during the First World War.

South Moor Heritage trail is a five mile circular walk around key eight heritage sites of South Moor and Quaking Houses that existed during or soon after the First World War. Each site is marked by an interpretation board detailing the significance and heritage of the site:

  • St. George’s Church
  • WWI Memorial Park
  • The Hedley Pit
  • The William ‘Billy’ Pit
  • Shield Row Drift Mine
  • The Charley ‘Fan’ Pit
  • Ivy Terrace Coal Depot
  • Miners’ Rescue Station
  • Life in South Moor